At D-BAT Peoria we are focused on giving your player the attention they need in order to become better.

With both 1 hour and 1/2 hour lessons you are assured to receive focused and attentive instruction. We offer pitching, fielding and hitting lessons for all ages.

Lesson programs begin with an evaluation lesson to help both your player and our instructor become comfortable with each other and to devise a plan to help the player improve. After every lesson your player will go home with homework, provided by the instructor, to ensure progress and accountability. Every fourth lesson the instructor will conduct another evaluation of the progress thus far. Our lesson programs are designed to help your player's development over the length of their career.

 Gold Members receive a 20% discount 

 Platinum Members receive a 30% discount  






Damion Easley

Khareth Bartee

Melissa Hobson

Joshua Giles

Kyle Gaedele

Andy Anderson

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